Laurie M. Hoen,
Artist and Educator

For me, my best works hold hidden layers that seduce the viewer into looking deeper and making an intimate connection.

When this happens, I know I have met the challenge of rendering something pleasing to the eye and satisfying for the soul.

I come to my studio well into a career path that started in documentary film production, took me into the culinary arts as a professional chef, and then led me into the high school classroom as a visual arts teacher.  Each stop along the way has prepared me to make the jump into full time studio practice, teaching valuable lessons in building things from scratch, appreciating beauty where you find it, and using every tool at hand to make personal connections.  I continue to experiment and learn as I go.

If you're interested in the details of my education, work experience or exhibition record, please download my resume.  Full CV available on request.

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